According to the manufacturer, JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC, Adrenaline should be stored between 20°C to 25°C. When travelling Adrenaline should be kept at this temperature and away from light.

It is important to always check with your doctor before travelling with your medicine.

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Medicool Insulin Protector

Medicool Insulin Protector£38.00


Durable insulin carry case with 2 refreezable packs

Medicool Dia-Pak Classic

Medicool Dia-Pak Classic£25.95


Carefully stores 1 weeks diabetic supply

Medicool Pen Plus Diabetic Cool Bag

Medicool Pen Plus Diabetic Cool Bag£24.80


Protects and carries insulin pens & vials 

Medicool Dia-Pak Daymate

Medicool Dia-Pak Daymate£23.95


Securely carries daily diabetic supplies

Wright Pre-Filled Syringe Case (2s)

Wright Pre-Filled Syringe Case (2s)£23.40

A convenient way to transport a pre-filled insulin syringe

Medicool Daily Diabetic Organiser

Medicool Daily Diabetic Organiser£15.95


Safely store and transport insulin & diabetic supplies

Medicool Poucho Diabetic Wallet

Medicool Poucho Diabetic Wallet£9.99  -  £11.99


A travel pouch that cools through evaporation



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