Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For the coolmeds 2-8 bag, how do I control the min temperature? With two cold packs and two buffer packs, first 12 hours the temperature is between -2 and +2. I need it over 2.

A: Leave the frozen cold packs on your kitchen counter until they develop a frosty condensation - approx.10-30 minutes. Put the unfrozen buffer pads on top of each cold pack and slide them into the pockets of the bag and zip the bag closed. After a few minutes check the temperature of the thermometer - if it shows 0 degrees C your medication is safe to put inside because your medication is at 4 degrees when it comes out of the fridge. The cold pack temp. will slowly continue to climb and the medication temp. will start to drop. The 2 temps. meet at 2 degrees and from then onwards the bag has stabilised and the thermometer reading will reflect the temp of both the medication and the bag. The unfrozen buffer pads, if positioned on top of the frozen cold packs, absorb the initial excess cold and protect your medication from dropping below 2 degrees.
If your fridge is colder than 4 degrees, then leave the frozen cold packs out a bit longer and place the medication in the bag once the thermometer shows 1 degree. Each fridge is a bit different so you'll have to work out how much time is necessary before the medication can safely go into the bag. The thermometer is there to help you as are the buffer pads but generally speaking, if the medication is at 4 degrees and the bag at zero then the medication can go into the bag without dropping below 2 degrees - you needn't wait until the temp. shows 2 degrees as you already have 2 degrees by which your medication can safely drop by (as it comes out of the fridge at 4 degrees).
Q: Can the cold packs be reused again and again or do they have to be thrown away after one use?

A: The cold packs can be used many times over and providing they're not dropped or bumped whilst frozen they should provide you with years of use. Remember to keep them as flat as possible in the freezer when freezing them.

Q: We will be on aircraft for 24 hours travelling to NZ, can the whole bag be put in the aircraft fridge or do we have to remove the insulin?

A: The bag shouldn't be opened as it will let the cold out and bring down the longevity of the frozen cold packs. If the airline is happy to place the bag in the fridge with the insulin inside then that would be ideal but the bag should hopefully last the journey. Keep an eye on the thermometer and if it goes up to 8 then ask the airline to place the insulin in the fridge without the bag.

Q: What is the capacity of the cold packs - if its over 100ml can you take this on a plane?

A: Because the cold packs are frozen when travelling, the 100ml issue isn't applicable since they are no longer considered a liquid but rather a solid.


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