About MediGenix

MediGenix is committed to making the lives of those with chronic conditions easier by researching, designing and providing products that offer reliable, innovative, affordable solutions. We understand some conditions can have a huge impact on how you live and our products aim to assist and minimise the burden, helping you to live an ‘ever better’ life.

If you are traveling with 2 to 8°C medicine; traveling with insulin; using an insulin pump; testing blood glucose daily; living with high blood pressure; enduring incontinence or simply seeking to monitor key health parameters, then we have the products for you.

MediGenix is part of Syringa UK Ltd - a specialised medical wholesaler of products and devices designed to make life easier. 

We're a company that cares about every customer - from pharmacies and NHS Trusts to you, the private customer and because we supply our customers directly, we're able to keep costs down. We work hard to ensure the very best customer service experience for all our customers and welcome your feedback and requests. We also take GDPR compliancy seriously and ensure your data is protected - only you can decide what we do with your information and whether we can contact you.  

Syringa UK's MediGenix website has information about traveling with medicine, hypertension, diabetes, incontinence and products related to this. All our products are carefully selected according to high quality, proven reliability and innovative design. 

We're ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 certified which means you're assured of good business practice and reliable products. 

Please contact us on 01403 289 370 or at sales@syringa-uk.co.uk with any queries - we're here to help.