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How to Take a Blood Pressure Reading

Sit comfortably with legs uncrossed and feet on the floor.

Relax for five minutes and don't eat or drink anything in this time.

Roll your sleeve up and fit the cuff around your upper left arm so that the fit is snug - not too tight, nor too loose.

The tube should be positioned on the soft part of your inner arm just above your bent elbow so that it's in line with your heart with the tube hanging downwards.

When you're ready, push the Start button.

Breathe normally and relax.

Do not talk or move whilst the reading is being taken.

NB: Remember blood pressure can vary and there are various factors affect one's blood pressure. These include:

Stress levels, level of hydration, caffeine, recent exercise/exertion, standing up suddenly, eating a meal.    

*In order to reduce these various factors, it's recommended that you take your blood pressure reading first thing every morning, before you get out of bed to use the bathroom, and before you've had your morning cup of tea.

You'll be at your most relaxed, and the pattern of results will be more accurately comparable since the various factors that affect blood pressure, will be greatly reduced. 

*This article is for information purposes only and is not medical advice. Always follow your doctor’s medical advice and seek medical help when necessary.

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