EuniceMed Open Patella Knee Support

EuniceMed Open Patella Knee Support

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Model:  CPO-2605
Bar Code:  4716329554099
Brand:  EuniceMed

  • Supports and stabilises knee
  • Open design provides compression to the patella
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Discreet beige colour
  • One size
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The EuniceMed Open Knee Support provides perfect soft compression combined with an open silicone pad that stabilises the patella. Easy to wear and adjustable, this support is well suited to patella instability, knee weakness and knee pain.

Knee supports help with strains, pains and knees that are prone to injury. This is because the support compresses the area to stimulate blood flow. The blood contains healing properties, so the extra circulation will help with recovery. During physical activity, the support helps the pressure to be more evenly distributed throughout the knee. 

EuniceMed Knee Supports are really useful and effective to help prevent injury, and to aid a full recovery.

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